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Alloy wheel repair testimonials

Testimonials from clients in the car service industry


National Tyres and Autocare "Alloy Weldcraft have been repairing damaged wheels to our customers vehicles with outstanding results enabling us to fit new tyres on these repaired wheels with confidence"

HiQ Lucas Auto Centre "Superb welding,excellent service and top quality work we can trust from Alloy Weldcraft." Branch Manager. Ikhlaq Khan.

JUST TYRES "Alloy Weldcraft is making a good name for themselves to increasingly more branches throughout our network." Uxbridge Manager. Mark

WICKED WHEELS "We have known and used the services of Alloy Weldcraft for some ten years now,and found the quality of their welding and shaping skills unequalled in the industry. High Wycombe Branch." Gary Dalton Director.

STS TYRE PROS "Alloy Weldcraft offer a fine service of repair to cracked and buckled alloy wheels to a number of our branches,together with formal qualification and the many years of experience in the industry we are very pleased to offer their services to our customers" James Russell. Branch Manager

Southall Discount Tyres "The very best welding and metalwork repairs we've seen. Alloy Weldcraft are no.1" Louis. Proprietor

KWIK FIT "Alloy Weldcraft provide us a first class service of repair to our cracked alloy wheels. Great service and we can rely on a good job every time. As the manager of a busy KWIK FIT centre I am very happy with the quality of work." Terry Sharp

BLACKBOOTS "As the specialists in high end performance car tyres,we at Blackboots would accept nothing less than the very best quality repairs that Alloy Weldcraft give us." Jason Saunders. Proprietor

FELTHAM TYRES "Thanks to Alloy Weldcraft we can offer our customers a service of repair to their alloy wheels that is safe and cost effective." Peter. General Manager

MERITYRE GROUP "Alloy Weldcraft has set an unprecedented standard of repair to cracked and buckled alloy wheels. We are delighted to offer their services throughout out branches." Paddy. Regional Manager

IVERSON TYRES "Over a period of time we have grown accustomed to the highest standard of repairs that Alloy Weldcraft gives us." Jon Powell. Director